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Shon is one of the main protagonists of Siren's Lament. He works part-time alongside Lyra at her flower shop while balancing his other job as a luggage handler on a cruise ship.


Shon is a handsome young man who is assumed to be the reason why Lyra was unable to fully become a siren. His hair color is an ombre orange and his eyes reflect the same hue. He is first seen wearing a long sleeved, navy blue shirt with an apron, light grey pants, and brown shoes. Shon is approximately 25 years old (he's stated to be 4 years older than Lyra).


From his first appearance, Shon is shown to be a kind and mature young gentleman whom cares deeply for Lyra and his family. However, he seems to be unaware of Lyra's romantic feelings for him, causing their relationship to become somewhat strained whenever moments between them get too intimate. Because of this, Shon is occasionally seen to have a glowing blue heart; indicative of how hurt he secretly feels due to hiding his own romantic feelings for the girl he considers to be his true love.

Later on, it is revealed that Shon has a green heart. This makes him vulnerable, and exposed to the other sirens. He later accuses Lyra of being a "witch."

When Shon first became a siren, he usually appeared to be dishonest and mean. Although most sirens are normally like this, it causes Lyra to feel guilty due to the fact that she knows he became distant and untrusting because of her.


Shon is the oldest sibling in his family, causing him to take on the role of a guardian when his father leaves suddenly and his mother becomes reclusive. Because Shon looks very similar to his father, his mother often avoids contact with him out of depression. It is theorized by Frey that he is a siren due to the conversation he and Lyra shared with him during the episode "Just As Human".


Shon has a great knowledge of boats and can presumably sail very well, even in harsh conditions.




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