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Kori is Lyra's best friend, Shon's younger sister, and Coen's older sister.


Kori first appears in a gray outfit with short bottoms and a spaghetti-strap top. Her shirt is either tucked into her shorts or a one-piece outfit: it's not exactly clear which it could be. When she first approaches Lyra in this scene, the latter promptly fixes her loose bra-strap. Kori is comfortable enough to let her do this since it's shortly thereafter revealed that they are best friends.

Kori has short light-brown hair with green highlights(Ian calls her "seaweed hair" because of that) which she often keeps in a short ponytail, and large amber eyes. Her dark-brown eyebrows are short and straight.


Kori is a fun-loving girl who is skilled at lacrosse. She hates to be left out of things and enjoys being at the center of a party, unlike Lyra. She was shown to be a friendly and curious person when she asked Lyra why she wanted to be a grandmother after the whole class had laughed at her. After Lyra explained why, Kori told her that she wanted to be a unicorn, but that Shon said it was dumb.

When Kori first meets Ian, she somewhat teasingly accuses Lyra of not mentioning that he was a "smokin' hot piece of chocolata yaya." She then goes on to say that "besties tell each other when they're having flings with dreamy, exotic hunksicles," suggesting that she's unafraid to say what she really thinks regardless of the situation and does not have a problem with using lingo to describe it. This adds a sort of comic-relief to the scenarios she's present in, just like Ian.


Lacrosse seems to be a talent of hers. She is also good at cheering up her bestie, and forgives easily.


  • "Ever since we were kids, I put all the responsibilities on him! Like how I would use sports practice as an excuse to get out of the house...and left Shon to stay home and take care of Mom and Coen." - Kori to Lyra after telling her that Shon's boat was found abandoned at sea (Ep. 126 - "A Different Kind of Crazy)


  • Kori hosts a "Kori's Talk-Show" in the Siren's Shorts. She makes it like a game-show though.
  • She can't handle drinks, as shown when she challenged Ian/Kai to a drinking contest at a party and lost.


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