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Hona is Lyra's adoptive grandmother and comfort when times are tough. She knows about the siren curse and does not approve of Lyra being involved with it. She found Lyra on the beach when she was a baby after her mother turned into seafoam. She is also revealed to be the Poseidon's sister (Aleah's sister).


Hona is often seen with a worried expression on her face. She has gray hair and light brown eyes.




After about episode 164, we find out the shocking truth that Lyra is not the Poseidon's sister, but Hona is instead. The next episode shows flashbacks to when Hona and Aleah were younger and still adjusting to their talents. The two grew apart when Ophelia fell in love and Hona may have punished him for it. This may be possibly why she took pity on Lyra's mother (Emila) when she gave birth as a siren. She raised Lyra and is very proud to see her granddaughter grow up, though she doesn't seem surprised about what sort of drama Lyra's gotten herself into.


We don't know Hona's talents, though she most likely at least was magical because she was teaching her sister how to use hers. It is entirely possible she is the real Poseidon and started the siren curse to keep Aleah's fiance away from her forever. Perhaps Aleah took over in hopes to find him someday.

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