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Character Pages

Character pages should have all of the following category headers in this particular order:

  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • History
  • Abilities/Talents
  • Quotes
  • Trivia
  • References

This is the type of coding that you would use to make the example to the right:

Example Character Page Format 1
|tab1 = Introduction
|tab2 = Relationships
|tab3 = Image Gallery
{{Character_Template|image1 = River Episode 120.png|species = Human
Siren (formerly)|gender = Male}}
River is a former siren who is currently a security guard at the docks.
== Appearance ==

== Personality ==

== History ==

== Abilities/Talents ==

== Quotes ==

== Trivia ==

== References ==

The tab type used at the top of these pages is a template that can be found here. When you first add this template to a character page, tab 1 will have the same page name as the one you add it to no matter what you decide to label it as. Tabs 2 and 3, however, are different. They create subpages attached to the main page with a slash ("/"). The name you put tab 2 or 3 "equal" to will be the name of that subpage.

For each of these subpages, copy and paste the same exact coding you used on the main page for the template only over onto the top of the new one in Source Mode (using the Classical Editor).  This way, readers (and you) can easily navigate back and forth through the character's tabs regardless of which one they're currently viewing.

Topic Pages


Naming Files/Photos

Without Text:

Most photos without text can be found on the Gallery Related tab. To fit the parameter of a "Without Text" file, there must be absolutely no text within the photo. However, there are two exceptions to this:

  1. Pictures that have sound-effect texts within them
  2. Pictures that feature text that may be on a character's shirt, a mug the character is holding, and so on


Photos without text have a categorization hierarchy like this (subject to change):

Within the Siren's Lament universe


  1. Single or Group?
  2. Human or Siren? Abstract?
  3. Present, Past, or Future?
  4. Chibi Style?

Not Characters

  1. Abstract Scenery or Lore-Specific?
  2. Location or Hearts/Item/Markings?

Outside of the Siren's Lament universe

Real Life

  1. Instantmiso or KennyComics? Other?
  2. Photo or Self-Portrait? Icon?


  1. Wiki Basics or Add-On?
  2. Example or Complex?

With Text:

Most photos with text can be found on the Episode Related tab.

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