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Emila is a deceased character in Siren's Lament, and the mother of Lyra.


Emila strongly resembles her daughter, Lyra, with long, wavy, deep maroon hair. She has amber eyes and a beauty mark under her left eye.

As a siren, Emila has a turquoise tail with a white bikini top.


She is more cheerful and outgoing than her daughter. Calls herself a dreamer as she wants to do many ”meaningful” things before she settles down.[1] Emila likes to go to beaches as that’s how she constantly meets Kai, also known as Ian. Ian has said that she’s spoiled and at times childish when compared to Lyra. Emila wanted to do more things in her life before becoming pregnant to the dismay of her husband. It’s shown that after she got pregnant, she stopped going to the beach and lost her cheerful self as she had a broken heart.[2]


Emila met Ian, then known as Kai, when he tried to swindle her into buying jewelry on the beach. She refused showing him she's a married women and his flattery wasn’t all that good. After that he decided to bug her.[3] Emila was shown to be the only person in the comic to fluster him. She told him her marriage problems of her alcoholic husband wanting to start a family. She wasn’t ready for that but every time she told him he was most likely drunk.[4]

At the lighthouse, Emila showed Ian the place where she rediscovered herself. She was scolded when she was young for having her head in the clouds. Emila still remained the dreamer she’s always been. Telling him that she married a man that she thought she knew but didn’t.[5]

The two would hung out on the beach as they were “perfect strangers” who didn’t know each other’s names. Until he gave her a pearl necklace which she figured out was fake.[6] The string of pearls was a symbol of their relationship. There they told each other their names. [7]

On a rainy day at the beach, Emila planned to have a picnic by herself to get out of the house from her husband. Ian was there to swindle people but mostly for Emila. Which makes the two of them blush. Emila explains that she had another fight with her husband over the starting a family matter. Him telling her that all women should want to be mothers and not wanting them is just a phase. It makes her want to daydream more.[8]

One day Emila shows up on the beach apologizing to Ian and saying that they should never have met. Ian wanted her to stay with him so they could start a new life together but she tells him it’s too late as she runs off. At that time she was pregnant and had no choice but to stay. During her pregnancy she stopped going to the beach until she was missing. Ian later on realize that Emila was indeed pregnant the last time he saw her. Also, that she could have been possibly raped.[9] The indication was her husband being a drunk man was violent enough to smash a glass bottle on Ian’s face. If he even knew who Ian was and his connection to Emila.[10] In the comic, it was shown her husband holding Emila’s wrist forcefully with her crying as she was trying to free herself and looking dishevel. If this is true or Ian’s imagination is unknown.[11]

Death Edit

Sometime after becoming pregnant, Emila was turned into a siren. As sirens are not meant to reproduce, she lacked the means to give birth. As a result, entering labor proved fatal. The dying Emila managed to reach the shore, where she was thereafter found by Hona before dissolving into sea foam. From that foam, a baby girl was born. Hona took on the task of raising this girl as her adoptive granddaughter; naming her Lyra.[12]


  • Emila was once shown to possess a yellow heart, just like her daughter, Lyra. She is one of only three characters who have had this trait: the other (briefly) being Shon.


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