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Emila is a deceased character in Siren's Lament, and the mother of Lyra.


Emila strongly resembles her daughter, Lyra, with long, wavy, deep maroon hair. She has amber eyes and a beauty mark under her left eye.

As a siren, Emila has a turquoise tail with a white bikini top.



Death Edit

Sometime after becoming pregnant, Emila was turned into a siren. As sirens are not meant to reproduce, she lacked the means to give birth. As a result, entering labor proved fatal. The dying Emila managed to reach the shore, where she was thereafter found by Hona before dissolving into sea foam. From that foam, a baby girl was born. Hona took on the task of raising this girl as her adoptive granddaughter; naming her Lyra.


  • Emila was once shown to possess a yellow heart, just like her daughter, Lyra. She is one of only three characters who have had this trait: the other (briefly) being Shon.


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