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Aleah is a supporting character in Siren's Lament. She is Shon's ex-girlfriend and Ian's original target to break the curse. She is revealed to be the Poseidon. We also find out that she is Hona's sister named Ophelia.


Aleah/Ophelia has long, pink hair that is presumably dyed. Her complexion is pale. She has faint brown eyebrows as well as slanted brown eyes with thick eyelashes. She usually wears fit, fashionable clothing. According to Kori, she wears long sleeves every day, even when it's hot outside. [1] Kori also refers to her as an "oversized Barbie doll." On her left wrist, she has tattoos of symbols that currently are of an unknown meaning but are used to return memories including her own. Her eyes and tattoos glow when returning memories.

Until recently, Aleah's appearance as a siren was not very clear due to her siren form being represented as a silhouette before episode 147. However, a promotional version of her demonstrated that she has a lilac tail with splotches of pale blue, and the aforementioned episode went on to confirm this as being true.[2] She also doesn't wear a top as a siren.

Recently shown in season 4, she had seemed to fall in love with a boy and Hona her real sister decided to stop her from running away with him. After that, Ophelia made the siren's curse by drinking something in the water.


Aleah/Ophelia is mature, usually withdrawn, and can come across as emotionless at times. Because of this, she may seem antagonistic, but there have been small indications that she's just hurting on the inside.

Since her heart was broken, she is not eager to make friends or have relationships, although she took comfort in being able to talk to Shon; often calling him "darling" even after the two broke up. While Kori assumes her to be snotty and unfriendly, she can be understanding and kind as shown when she helps Lyra pin together her halter-style dress.


It has been suggested that her fiancé died in the past and her parents did not approve of their union. However, it was recently revealed that her sister, Lyra's Granny, disapproved of Aleah's lover, and used time-stopping magic to prevent her from being with him (he later died). This is most likely the source of her original heartbreak. Additionally, Ian has theorized that the reason behind Aleah's determination to thwart Lyra's plans (who she still assumes be her sister) is because she wants to figure out how she was able to "reincarnate" herself. This is because he believes Aleah/Ophelia wants to find out a way to live forever, "stopping time."


The Posiedon 1.png

  • Siren Summoning: Aleah can summon many sirens in the area she's calling them to with the use of a conch shell horn.
  • Memory Retention: Aleah is able to return anyone's memories, including her own, because of a spell on her hand.
  • Staying young because when you are a siren you don't grow and when you turn back you don't grow for a year Aleah or Ophelia turns into a siren every year so she stays young.


  • "I used to be naive once... I refused to think of the consequences and thought love would work everything out on its own. But I was too reckless. I wound up hurting myself even more and losing everything I had..." - Aleah talking about her past to Shon (Ep. 19 - "Unconditional")
  • "Not to mention always wears long sleeves even when it's hot out!" -Kori, Siren's Lament: Ep 44 - Daisy Chains
  • Mermay Fan Features post via Instagram